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        The laboratory is the place where an imagination converts into reality. We are providing a world-class technology-driven laboratory to our students where they can learn everything practically. Each student does practical with the help of their masters.

What makes our laboratory a great place of innovation?

1. Flexible Space - We have enough space where our student groups can fit and work freely without any     interruption.

2. Comprehensive Storage - We have good storage for every equipment and material.

3. All Types of equipment - Our students get all types of equipment like UV Spectrometer, HPLC, Test Tubes,
    Microscopes, Slides, Charts, Models, Biological Specimen and etc.

4. Positive Environment - The clean environment gives a positive feeling.

5. Centralized Safety Features - You have to perform practical in front of faculties until you you become expert. And all the safety features and equipment are      considered in the lab.

Everything is done under the guidance of lab technicians. Our faculties help you, improve you and make you a better student.